This has probably been the most active month of Graphite development since the project was open sourced. Lots of community members have contributed code and ideas to help move Graphite forward. I’m really excited about this, the project is gaining momentum and I hope we can keep that up by continuing with the new monthly release cycle. To give credit where it is due, here is a list of this month’s most active users and what they’ve been working on (in no particular order):

  • Lucio Torre - AMQP support
  • jdugan - beautification of the Y-axis labels via the yUnitSystem option
  • Nick Leskiw - the YAxis=right rendering option
  • Kraig Amador - tons of rendering options/functions such as yLimit, timeShift(), log(), sumSeriesWithWildcard(), new filtering functions, and much more! (Kraig you’re the man!)
  • Arthur Gautier - debian packaging
  • Elliot Murphy - packaging, inclusion in Ubuntu
  • fp - RHEL / CentOS RPM packaging
  • and many more…

Thanks to everyone who has gotten involved with Graphite, your support helps motivate others (especially me).

Many of these new features are really great but unfortunately undocumented, but the good news is that my focus for March is going to be 100% on documentation. There may not be an actual code release in March but I hope to get a substantial amount of documentation written right here on this wiki. Stay tuned.

- ChrisMD