The Metrics API

These API endpoints are useful for finding and listing metrics available in the system.


Finds metrics under a given path. Other alias: /metrics.


GET /metrics/find?query=collectd.*

{"metrics": [{
    "is_leaf": 0,
    "name": "db01",
    "path": "collectd.db01."
}, {
    "is_leaf": 1,
    "name": "foo",
    "path": ""


query (mandatory)
The query to search for.
The output format to use. Can be completer or treejson (default).
wildcards (0 or 1)
Whether to add a wildcard result at the end or no. Default: 0.
Epoch timestamp from which to consider metrics.
Epoch timestamp until which to consider metrics.
jsonp (optional)
Wraps the response in a JSONP callback.


Expands the given query with matching paths.


query (mandatory)
The metrics query. Can be specified multiple times.
groupByExpr (0 or 1)
Whether to return a flat list of results or group them by query. Default: 0.
leavesOnly (0 or 1)
Whether to only return leaves or both branches and leaves. Default: 0
jsonp (optional)
Wraps the response in a JSONP callback.


Walks the metrics tree and returns every metric found as a sorted JSON array.


jsonp (optional)
Wraps the response in a jsonp callback.


GET /metrics/index.json



Portions of that manual are based on Graphite HTTP API manual.