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  • Graphite-web requires Python >= 2.6 and Django >= 1.4.
  • Metrics can be reordered via the composer.
  • A WSGI file has been added to graphite-web. This is especially useful for people running graphite-web with a standalone WSGI sever such as Gunicorn as they can directly run gunicorn graphite.wsgi instead of managing their own WSGI file.
  • manage.py is no longer available. The alternative is to use the django-admin.py command provided by Django. python manage.py <command> can be replaced with django-admin.py <command> --settings=graphite.settings.
  • The metrics node in the graphite tree has been renamed from “Graphite” to “Metrics”.
  • Pluggable storage finders have been added. This allows graphite to fetch data from other datastores than Whisper or Ceres. See the storage finder docs for more information.
  • Documentation and settings have been updated to use the up-to-date syntax for configuring graphite-web’s SQL database. Check your config for DATABASE_* entries and update them to the new DATABASES syntax.
  • The search index file is now generated with the build-index command that has been rewritten in Python. build-index.sh is still available but is just an alias to build-index.
  • The CONTENT_DIR setting has been replaced with STATIC_ROOT and now allows to easily serve non-graphite static files such as Django admin’s. See the configuration docs for usage instructions.
  • Tox is now used for running the tests locally across the supported Django and Python versions combinations. A section about working on graphite-web has been added to the documentation.
  • Pythons own log rotation can be disabled using the LOG_ROTATE setting. This is useful in case of running multiple WSGI workers. See also: Github Issue #499.
  • The cli was deprecated and has been removed.

New functions

See the functions documentation for more information.

  • aggregateLine
  • isNonNull
  • mapSeries
  • reduceSeries