Graphite 0.9.8 is now out and available for download. It available through PyPI (http://pypi.python.org/pypi) and the Launchpad project page (https://launchpad.net/graphite).

This release is a major step forward for Graphite, with a long list of substantive enhancements only 3 months after the last release. One of the highlights is the move of our documentation to readthedocs.org, the docs are now built using Sphinx and they live in trunk under the ‘docs’ folder. Just commit any changes and readthedocs.org will automatically update by pulling changes from launchpad nightly.

A special thanks goes out to AppNexus (http://appnexus.com/), who sponsored the development of two awesome new features. First is the new carbon-aggregator daemon. This new daemon lets you configure the calculation of aggregate metrics at storage time instead of using a heavy-weight sumSeries or averageSeries at rendering time. This daemon can also rewrite metric names. You manage it like the other two carbon daemons, via carbon.conf. Documentation on configuring carbon-aggregator will be coming soon.

AppNexus also sponsored the development of the new Dashboard UI. This new interface allows you to put together dashboards containing many graphs quickly and easily. You can save a dashboard and view it later. Note that this is a basic implementation for now

Beyond that, there are many other new features so please read through the changelog carefully.


  • New carbon-aggregator daemon can compute your aggregate metrics
  • New Dashboard UI
  • Upgraded to ExtJS 3.3
  • All Documentation is moving to Sphinx in our bzr branch, HTML builds of it are hosted by readthedocs.org (http://graphite.readthedocs.org/)
  • The recommended Apache setup is now officially mod_wsgi and not mod_python.
  • New metric pattern syntax, eg. {{example.{foo,bar}.metric}}, matches both {{example.foo.metric}} and {{example.bar.metric}}
  • Y-axis now draws much more useful labels for values much less 1
  • The YAxis=left|right parameter has been renamed to yAxisSide=left|right
  • Rewrote webapp/render/grammar.py to be much more readable
  • Added new json api call /metrics/expand/?query=foo.* -> [“foo.bar”, “foo.baz”, ...]
  • Added debugging manhole in carbon-cache.py (ssh-accessible python intepreter interface into carbon at runtime)
  • Added new hitcount function (thanks to Shane Hathaway)
  • The “User Graphs” tree now works properly for usernames that contain dots
  • Fixed data roll-up bug in whisper
  • Added AUTOFLUSH option in whisper/carbon for synchronous I/O
  • and as always, many more smaller bug fixes

- ChrisMD